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Accent Tiles and Mosaics

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Murals can be expanded, reduced or customized for your space.

Accent Tiles, Backsplash Tiles and Border Tiles

Choose from any of these designs or submit your own design using any combination of our tiles below.

Azulejos Mosaic Design

Portuguese Multicolored Mosaic

Azulejos Blue and White Tile

Portuguese Blue and White Traditional Azulejos Design
Available in hand painted 6" x 6" standard manufactured tiles
or hand rolled 5.5" x 5.5" tiles

Portuguese Maritime Accent Tiles
($22.00 each)

Portuguese Potpourri Tiles
Available in hand painted standard manufactured tiles

Many of our tiles evoke the beauty of old European design.

Floral Accent Tiles: 6" x 6" - $22.00

Blue&Clay   Mediterranean   Blue&White  Floral
Steps   Stevens   Blue&White

Fruity Accent Tiles: 6" x 6" - $22.00

Pears   Green Grapes
Plums   Purple Grapes

Visit our About Us page to understand more about our your customization options,
including tile types and tile sizes.

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Disclaimer: Due to the custom nature of the product, there may be slight variations in the color and design. We do not guarantee absolute color match. Murals are custom painted in Portugal and ship 4 - 6 weeks from time of order.